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Prospect Titan was founded back in November of 2010 by David Janosik.

As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Prospect Titan, David Janosik came from a strong sales background in a variety of aspects of marketing. Whether it be telemarketing, website sales or online marketing… his experienced background is extensive.

Over the years, David became more involved with the technological aspects of running a business and realized that there was a deep need in the fast paced world of online business.

That was when he made the decision to create his own business marketing automation and contact management software. Once completed in 2010, David then began marketing it to other businesses in need of a multi-touch marketing system. Starting in 2015, the company has now moved into managed marketing services, providing an exclusive VIP Marketing Program leveraging the Prospect Titan software suite.

Currently Prospect Titan runs out of Orlando, FL and has an international staff of close to 20 people including sales representatives, management, support agents, software development engineers and marketing specialists.

This entire dedicated team of professionals now serve over 4,000 software users and business owners on a worldwide basis. Prospect Titan is a rapidly expanding company that continues to serve happy clients all across the country. 

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